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What can be registered?

Any original work, Web site or records.

Who has access to my registration?

Only you! Upon receipt, your work is immediately encrypted and placed in long-term storage. We have three separate redundant storage systems to ensure your file is secure and protected.

When you register, you can print your registration certificate immediately or login to your account whenever you wish to view or print your certificate.

Requests for access to registered materials can only be made by the original registrant accompanied by registration number and notarized letter.

Can titles be registered/protected?

Titles cannot be protected.

Can I add to/update my registration after registering?

Absolutely not. The primary purpose of registration is to establish the completion date of your original work. Once a work is registered, the registration file cannot be modified or altered in any way. (Writers: New drafts only need to be registered if there have been significant and unique changes to the content.)

What is your fee & how long is my work registered?

Our $18.95 fee is for ten year registration. We also offer a permanent registration option. We accept Mastercard, Visa & American Express and use secure servers to protect your privacy. At any time in the registration period, you can renew for an additional ten year term. Renewals are accepted up the date of expiration. At the time of registration, you authorize National Creative Registry to destroy your file without further notice to you on the expiration date in the event you choose not to renew. ProtectRite does not make comparisons of registration submissions or give any legal advice or confer any statutory protections.

How does ProtectRite compare to the Writer's Guild?

ProtectRite offers the exact same protection as the Writer's Guild registration service for less money and longer terms. Many WGA members register their work with us for the added convenience of instant online registration.

What about Poetry/Songs?

Poets and Songwriters can register up to 20 poems/songs for a single registration fee. (Please list under one title: e.g. "My Poems" and transmit works within one file only.) All other formats must be registered individually.

Is registering with ProtectRite or the WGA a US Copyright?

Only The US Copyright Office can issue a formal copyright, however, the law states that when you affix your name and date to an original work you are automatically entitled to copyright protection. In the cases where our type of registration has been presented as evidence, it has been accepted as a copyright. (Writers: Since the copyright office takes an average of six-months to process applications, many writers register with us for instant peace of mind and as an added protection so they can begin showing their work immediately.)

We want our registrants to be well protected and do advise that writers explore filing final drafts with the US Copyright office. Also, always save all correspondence with anyone you send your work to. A rejection letter can be important evidence in an infringement case.

What format should my registration file be in?

We accept and verify all formats but please submit/upload only one file for each registration.

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