Why Register with ProtectRite?

ProtectRite Registration - Instant Shark Repellant!

ProtectRite registration creates a digital timestamp, assists in establishing proof of completion date and provides a documented record of your claim to authorship, ownership and creation.

Use ProtectRite to Settle Disputes

Upon your request, a ProtectRite representative will produce registered materials at an arbitration hearing or in a court of law with a signed affidavit attesting to the date and time of registration.  (There is no additional charge for this service!)

Documentation is often the key to settling infringement issues and time-sealed ProtectRite registration can help mitigate or resolve disputes. Use ProtectRite registration as an additional documentation step prior to pursuing statutory legal protection through formal copyright, trademarks, patents, etc.

Electronic submissions are registered immediately commencing from the date/time they are uploaded to ProtectRite.  We NEVER read any submitted materials.

Emergency file retrieval

Registration also provides the security of long-term storage. In the event that your original manuscript is lost or destroyed, we provide free emergency retrieval service.

Protect your original work,
will or valued possessions NOW!

Instantly establish proof of the date and time-of-creation of your original works. Store your will for secure distribution to your heirs and register your valued possessions to assist in insurance claims.

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